"We jump because we are at the majestic Angkor Wat! (and reenact scenes from Tomb Raider)."  -Vanessa & Dylan

Angkor Wat Cambodia
January 2013
"The family in the photo is the Shaw family and they have been friends and neighbors for a long time.  They asked me to take family portraits for Kris' moms 80th birthday as a surprise to her.  Out of all the more formal portraits this is my favorite!  They jump because they love Grandma Lewis and wish her 80 more birthdays!!" -Rick

Salt Lake City, Utah

"I jump because I love u ♥♥." -Eva and Lu

Spain, September 2013
Parque del Retiro, Madrid.




"I jump because I'm crazy ♥♥." -Lubélia

Berlin, Germany
Agosto 2013
"I jump because I love it!" -Eva and Lu

Islas Cies, Spain



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"'Shocked' by Tourette's Creativity and jumping for ....JOY!!" - Stephen
Jump in Shenzhen, China!

By: Ring
"I took these photos yesterday at Utila Island in Honduras, we jump because life is a gift and today is WORLD OCEANS DAY so we want to celebrate it. We are divers, we love the sea and want to protect the ocean.

I'm underwater photographer from france and i'm traveling around the world to shoot the marine wildlife especially sharks. I think traveling is the best way to open your mind and meet new people so today with some divers that i've just met we had this photo session of jump and it was a lot of fun!!" - Gregory

Utila Island, Honduras




"I may not have a huge story to tell, but I'm sure this is a story everyone can relate to. I jump because sometimes I just need to be free. Jumping gives you this split second feeling of freedom, this quick relief of gravity. Only to be pulled back to the ground again, and even though your freedom was brief, it feels so good."
"I jump because I love to travel; experiencing different cultures, meeting new people, enjoying beautiful scenery and seeing extraordinary historical landmarks -- it's all incredibly exciting!" - Shannon

Colosseum, Rome, Italy