"I am taking jumping photos around the world, because I have a big travel addiction, penchant for taking far too many photos and it is a funny way to combine those things and at the same time have lots of fun." - Jurgita

Bukhansan National Park, Seoul, South Korea


03/13/2013 06:45

happy when reading your blog with updated information! thanks alot and hope that you will post more site that are related to this site

06/26/2013 08:04

Your blog is simply fantastic - such a simple idea and it is enough to put a smile on my face :) keep up the great job!

07/01/2013 05:40

Like you I love to travel. The photo of your jump is incredible and the background is awesome. It is good to hear about the Bukhansan National Park, Seoul, South Korea. I am excited to visit that place. Which is the town behind you?

07/18/2013 02:41

You're right, jumping actually lead the laughter! Btw, great photograph!

10/06/2013 12:17

Interesting thoughts.


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