"I jump because Dolly would do the same." -Paul

Nashville, Tennessee


We jump because Corey and Pete have finally gotten mawwied. Yes, Mawwied!


Kingsport, Tennessee


"I jump because I love to fly.  Oh yeah, and I love water and sun." -Kyle

Knoxville, Tennessee


"We jump because we've been best friends for twenty years and he's having his first born!" -Brockmann

Check out his band: the Mills Family Band on MySpace.

Parthenon-Vanderbilt, Nashville, Tennessee


"I jump because, how often can you jump off of an exact replica of the Parthenon" -Brockmann

Vanderbilt , Nashville, Tennessee


"I jump because I'm rockin' out in Nashville" -Brockmann

Check out his band: the Mills Family Band, on MySpace.

Music Row, Nashville, Tennessee